Technology break – European Robotics Week

The E-Civis team invites you to the Technology Break – an event that is part of the European Robotics Week, a European Union initiative that is held every year, starting with 2011.

AIM: To promote new technologies, especially robotics, among young people from urban and rural areas, to help them to be aware of the technological news and to stimulate them to think creatively.


  1. Presentation of models of educational robots existing on the market
  2. Stimulating a discussion about future prospects in the context of new technologies
  3. Educate pupils in order to make use of the Internet access to be updated with new technologies and their benefits


  • Children’s Palace, Targoviste, Dambovita County
  • National College Mihai Viteazul, Ploiesti, Prahova County
  • School secondary Sotrile, com. Sotrile, Prahova County
  • General School No. 1, Mihailesti, Buzau County
  • National College “B.P. Hasdeu”, Buzau, Buzau County
  • School with classes I-VIII Tomsani, com. Costestii de Vale, Dambovita County
  • Edulier Center for Children Dyslexic, Sector 1, Bucharest

Materials presented:  

BB-8 Sphero BB-8-robot with Star Wars application is a bot with autonomous behavior and personality that adapts according to user interaction. Made available by: Ascendia
Alpha-1s Intelligent interactive robot Ubtech Alpha 1s is the first humanoid entertainment robot. It is designed perfectly from high quality materials and software specially designed for its movements, which are very easy to control using the Alpha 1 application. Alpha 1 has a wide range of applications in different areas, such as entertainment, education and media. Made available by: Ascendia
Woogie Woogie is a personal assistant for children. It’s a device, a robot, that you can talk to, it can answer and, above, learn. Can answer any questions between the allowed domains – being a product for children – can play music, control smart devices, turn off lights or control the TV volume. Made available by: Logo-Woogie
Samsung-Gear-VR Samsung Gear VR Glasses-by using this pair of VR glasses, the user has the impression of the presence of almost real physics in an artificially created environment. Made available by: Samsug
Ricoh Ricoh Theta S Camera 360 is a 360 digital camera. The Camera has two objectives, one on each side, together with a 360-degree coverage. Made available by:  Cropped-logo-e-civis-1. jpg


And if you want to see some virtual robots that help you in your learning process, visit🙂

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