Launching the Coalition for digital Education

Launching the Digital Education Coalition

Today, 8 October 2019, the signatory organisations are launching the Digital Education Coalition – an informal endeavour that aims to support the development of quality digital education in Romania and the adaptation of the educational offer so that it Prepare children and young people to transform society and the labour market under the impact of technological trends. EC proposes its digital education coalition:

  • -To be a voice of organisations (formal or informal, public or private) working in the field of digital education;
  • -To be a dialogue partner in relation to the Ministry of National Education, the Government of Romania, members of the Romanian parliament and local and central public authorities, as well as with other institutions, organisations or companies interested in education Digital
  • -To contribute, through active organisations, to the extension and consolidation of non-formal training in the field of digital education and inclusion in the educational equation, together with schools, library spaces, Makerspace, Technology hubs, etc., which represent territories of knowledge complementary to formal education;
  • -Provide the resources, experience gained so far and share good practice, already tested, in the digital field, both teachers and pupils.

  The organisations that initiated this approach are: Coder Dojo Bucharest Association, E-Civis Association, National Association of Romanian Libraryers and libraries, Association for Creative STEM Education (CRESTEM), Techsoup Association, ECDL ROMANIA, the Federation of Romanian Community Foundations and the EOS-Educating for an Open Society foundation. The eight organisations promote digital education among pupils and young people through concrete and varied activities, contributing to the development of this type of education in Romania. Thus, the signatories formed in this area about 1,500 teachers from Romania, conducted lessons with about 18,000 pupils, including rural areas, and managed to mobilise alongside them and human resources outside the education system Involving more than 250 mentors in their work. The signatory organisations are launching this on the occasion of the EU programming Week-an initiative on the strand of grass that each of the signatory organisations supports, which aims to bring digital programming and competences out of the reach of everyone, In a fun and engaging way. Europe Code Week is part of the Digital Education Action Plan adopted by the European Commission by the year 2020 and is already at the 7th edition.   For further information, please contact: Ana-Maria Stancu, president of the E-Civis Association, 0721 678 764, Ştefan Rădulescu, president of the CRESTEM Association, 0726 103 246, Gabriela Ford, Director, foundation EOS, 0744 770687, Elena Coman, program Director, Techsoup Association,

Civic Education 4.0.

Civic Education 4.0 is an innovative project not only for Romania but also for other countries and aims to inform young people about the functioning of public institutions in Romania.

The project has proposed to take concepts from civic education, such as decision-making, participatory budgeting, institutional system and to explain to students in a visual and practical way so that they understand that information, to internalise it and to Retina and in the future.

The aim of the project "Civic Education 4.0" was to form young people from Romania as active and involved citizens, prepared to act as actors in the local and central decision-making process.

  1. Informing young people in Romania about the decision-making process in the main public institutions (Parliament, Local Council, mayors) through new and innovative methods.
  2. Informing young people in Romania about the means through which they can be involved in the decision-making process of public institutions.

Direct beneficiaries:

  • 300 students from 10 schools in the counties of Agres, Constanta, Vrancea, Ilfov and Bucharest
  • 200 children from robotics courses in Robohub
  • 10 Teachers of civic education and/or ICT in schools
  • 4 Local robotic partner clubs

Materials made in this project: folding the decision-making process in Romania and folding the involvement of citizens in the elaboration of the local budget. Each of the schools visited received a set of boards and Ozobots in the project to use in other demonstration lessons.

OK Center Romania has been a partner in this project and has helped us to transpose into an easy-to-understand format and present to the pupils the public budget part.

The Civic Education Pilot Project 4.0 was conducted with the financial support of the Civic Innovation Fund, a programme developed by the Civil Society Development Foundation in partnership with the Romanian-American Foundation and supported by Enel Romania and Ursus Breweries (

European Robotics Week 2018 – Focus on education!

This year will be organized for the second time at national level in Romania, the European Robotics Week – 16 – 25 November 2018. This is an initiative of the European robotics network, euRobotics, which takes place in all European countries and aims at promoting the robotics industry and its potential.

During this period, organizations and public institutions will organize various activities designed to promote robotics, programming and STEAM activities in Romania.

The opening of the Robotic Week in Romania will be marked by the National Meeting of Educators in the Field of Robotics, which will take place on Friday, November 16, between 9:00 and 16:00 at OK Center in Bucharest. This meeting has 5 objectives:

  • Emphasize the significant increase that technology has in society and the fact that this also has an impact on education, which must keep up with this technological advance;
  • Promote the activities that are taking place in this respect across the country, but also to draw up a plan for future actions;
  • Promote examples of good practice implemented in schools and robotics clubs that can be replicated by educators across the country;
  • Provide examples of accessible teaching materials that can be used in schools to teach technology and robotics;
  • Present major robotic competitions taking place in Romania, depending on age.

Besides the central event, events will be organized throughout the country, in cities such as Timisoara, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Timişoara, Piteşti, Focsani, Medgidia, Cernavoda, but also in small urban areas such as Băicoi, Cândeşti, Vladimir, Tormac, Pietrari and others.

This year, we also mark the formation of a coalition of civil society networking actors, active either in the field of robotics or in the field of STEAM, which join forces to transmit a strong and united signal: Romania has qualified human resources and a community passionate and involved in many robotics initiatives. The participating organizations in Saptămâna Robotics are: E-Civis Association, Science Fund, Nation Through Education, ECDL ROMANIA, National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania (ANBPR), Creative STEM Education Association, Robochallenge, Banat IT Association, CoderDojo Romania Network , Techsoup Association, World Robotics Olympiad Romania and National Kids Initiative. Partner organizations will support STEAM robotics and education events during Robotics Week, promote their initiative within the networks they work with, and encourage as many groups as possible to organize robotics events in November. The partner organizations are also urging other NGOs, initiative groups, companies and educational institutions to join this approach.

For further information, please contact Ana-Maria Stancu, National Coordinator of the European Week of Robotics, by phone: 0721 678 764 or by e-mail:

European Robotics Week – national meeting of educators in the field of robotics

On Friday, November 16, 2018 at OK Center, in the opening of the European Robotics Week, we are organizing a National meeting of educators in the field of robotics!

We organize this meeting in the first place to meet each other, those who love robots, who teach robotics or who would like to teach robotics. We will invite robotics clubs from the children’s palaces in the country, private robotics clubs, Stiintescu clubs, contests organizers and anyone interested in learning and teaching robotics.

In the meeting there will be organized a series of workshops in which models of courses will be presented, competitions in Romania and, most importantly, will be time to talk about a common passion: digital education.

European Robotics Week is an initiative of EURobotics, started in 2011, aimed at promoting the robotics industry in the countries of the European Union.

The European Robotics Week offers a week of various activities for the general public in Europe, to emphasize the importance of this industry in the most diverse areas. Also, through these activities we want to stimulate students of any age to pursue a technological education, be it programming, robotics, engineering or other areas.

If you organize such events, please register them here.

European Robotics Forum 2019

The European Robotics Forum is the annual meeting place of the robotics industry and will bring together more than 1,000 researchers, engineers, managers and a growing number of entrepreneurs and businessmen from the continent. The event will take place between 20 and 22 March 2019, in Bucharest. The European Forum of Robotics is organized by … Read more European Robotics Forum 2019

#altViitor -Everyone Digital

The aim of the Everyone Digital project is to develop digital education in Romania, especially for vulnerable groups. Objectives: 1. Training of children and teachers in rural and small urban schools in the field of new technologies. 2. Increasing the awareness of the importance of digital education for the future of work among teachers, parents … Read more #altViitor -Everyone Digital

Robotics for ICT teachers

The "Robot Learning" project proposed a method of teaching robotic lessons included in the national Curriculum for classes VII and VIII as a result of changing the framework plans and school curriculum at the gymnasium by OMEN No. 3393/28.02.2017.

The expected results of the project will be: 150 trained teachers, 1 support course, 1 network of teachers, a training plan and didactic materials that can be used by teachers in schools, as well as public or private robotics clubs.

Purpose of the project: promoting robotics in schools in Romania.

Learning objectives:

– Understanding Basic Concepts in robotics – sensors, inputs, outputs, etc.
– Understanding a simulation and testing environment of a robot's acti
vity – Understanding a programming e
nvironment – initiating learning activities wit
h robots – disseminating basic information about the robotics industry and its potential

Learning with robots is a course dedicated to teachers in Romania who teach informatics and ICT in giminazile classes, but can be used by anyone who wants to learn or teach notions of robotics.

In the project were organized 6 workshops, in partnership with the houses of the Didactic Corps in Braila, Satu Mare, Zalau, Bacau, Bucharest and Focsani attended by 228 teachers and the manual learning with robots was carried out, designed to help them in Teaching the lessons of robotics from the seventh and eighth grade.

The Robot Learning project is done through Google's PD for Educators program and lasts for 6 months.

The manual "Learning with Robots" is free and can be used by anyone who wants to learn or teach robotics. This material cannot be used for commercial purposes.