Hacking for Humanity: creativity and innovation for good deeds!

During the 13th – 14th of June period will take place the Hackathon Hacking for Humanity, an event organized by Girls in Tech Romania together with Girls Who Code Romania and E-Civis Association. The Hackathon brings together 70 participants and 11 NGOs and it aims at with bringing innovation into solving social impact problems.

Within the Hackathon, participating NGOs will present social problems they want to diminish or solve with digital innovation. Teams of hackers with competencies in front-end development, back-end development, game development, design, UX, product management, marketing or growth hacking will propose innovative solutions to social projects proposed by NGOs.

Hacking for humanity will be the perfect opportunity to put your knowledge and creativity into community service and contribute to the social welfare of all. More information and signups can be found here: hacking4humanity.girlswhocode.ro.

Hacking for humanity is supported by large IT industry names such as Adobe, Endava, P&G, IBM, Google, Gameloft and MozaicWorks. They promote the encouragement of digital innovation at the level of non-profit organisations and are responsive to the social problems that surround us.

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