AgriTech Camp

Global, European and national challenges increase the need for agriculture specialists and the use of new technologies. Only with the help of new technologies and a specialized monitoring of the crops will we be able to overcome them. The new technologies can help farmers identify the zones that need intervention – thus decreasing the quantity of nutrients, pesticides or fungicides used and can also help farmers with the rising problem of human resources.
The Precision Agriculture Camp for students form agricultural high schools is the first of this kind in Romania and is intended as a pilot for future educational initiatives. The goal of the Precision Agriculture Camp is to contribute to the education of the future farmers and agriculture specialists in Romania.


  • Prepare 30 students and 14 professors from agricultural high schools in Romania in current technologies in agriculture over a 4 days Precision Agriculture Camp.
  • Support 14 teachers from agricultural high schools in Romania in understanding and incorporating new technologies in their curriculum for the future work force in agriculture.

Learned concepts:

  • algorithmic thinking
  • systematic and analytical analysis
  • introduction in programming with blocks and Java Script
  • elementary electronics notions
  • notion of precision agriculture
  • technology in agriculture – potential and limitations
  • team work
  • creative thinking

The project AgriTech Camp was implemented in partnership with the Romanian – American Foundation and University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest