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More and more studies draw attention to the fact that the demand for IT specialists will grow substantially over the coming years in all sectors of the economy. Studies estimate that by 2020 there will be a shortage of over 500,000 IT professionals at European level. In this context, Romania records a decrease in STEAM graduates.



Civic Education 4.0 is an innovative project not only for Romania, but for other countries too, who's goal is to inform children, with the help of programmable robots, about the way public institutions in Romania function.

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We want RoboHub to become a meeting place for the robotics community in Bucharest, but also in Romania, and a place where robotics enthusiasts can experiment with different hardware platforms. Through the Come to RoboHub! project we will acquire such platforms and we will be able to develop our curriculum of courses.

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Europe's largest robotics specialists meeting will be held in Romania! Over 1000 experts, industrial, service and education robots, as well as the latest news from this field come to Bucharest!

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Past projects

The event Keeping up with technology - Promoting coding in the rural area aimed at exposing young students from Mihailesti, Buzau County to coding and robotics. Kids have become familiar with a humanoid robot and a robot spider, but they also learned about visual coding.

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E-Civis is proud to support, for the second consecutive year, a Hackathon that aims to develop IT solutions for NGOs.

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#GirlsChampionsin3D is a social innovation innovation project. The #GirlsChampionsin3D goal is to create a more inclusive labor market, especially in technology, for women around the world.

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In 2017, for the first time in Romania, the European Week of Robotics was organized at a national level, aiming to promote the robotics industry to the general public, especially to young people. At its first large-scale participation, Romania managed to rank third as the number of events organized at European level.

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One of the objectives of this project was to elaborate and promote, in Parliament, a proposal for a law on combating incitement to hate and discrimination in electoral campaigns in Romania. We are proud that this was a success!

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Creating a score-card system - - to assess the performance of the Romanian MEPs in the European Parliament related to the Roma situation.

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