Civic Education 4.0.

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Civic Education 4.0 is an innovative project not only for Romania but also for other countries and aims to inform young people about the functioning of public institutions in Romania.

The project aims to take concepts from civic education, such as decision-making, participatory budgeting, institutional system and to explain to students in a visual and practical way, so that they understand the information, to internalize it and to remember it in the future.

The purpose of the project “Civic Education 4.0” is to form young people from Romania as active and involved citizens, prepared to act as actors in the decision-making process at local and central level.

  1. Informing young people in Romania about the decision-making process in the main public institutions (Parliament, Local Council, mayors) through new and innovative methods.
  2. Informing young people in Romania about the means through which they can be involved in the decision-making process of public institutions.

Direct beneficiaries:

  • 300 students from 10 schools in the counties of Agres, Constanta, Vrancea, Ilfov and Bucharest
  • 200 children who learn robotics courses in Robohub
  • 10 Teachers of civic education and/or ICT in schools
  • 4 Local robotics clubs

OK Center Romania will be our partner and will help us to transpose in a format easy to understand the public budget part.

The Civic Education 4.0 pilot project is conducted with the financial support of the Civic Innovation Fund, a program developed by the Foundation for the development of civil society in partnership with the Romanian-American Foundation and supported by Enel Romania and Ursus Breweries (

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