Robotics for ICT teachers

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The "Robot Learning" project proposed a method of teaching robotic lessons included in the national Curriculum for classes VII and VIII as a result of changing the framework plans and school curriculum at the gymnasium by OMEN No. 3393/28.02.2017.

The expected results of the project will be: 150 trained teachers, 1 support course, 1 network of teachers, a training plan and didactic materials that can be used by teachers in schools, as well as public or private robotics clubs.

Purpose of the project: promoting robotics in schools in Romania.

Learning objectives:

– Understanding Basic Concepts in robotics – sensors, inputs, outputs, etc.
– Understanding a simulation and testing environment of a robot's acti
vity – Understanding a programming e
nvironment – initiating learning activities wit
h robots – disseminating basic information about the robotics industry and its potential

Learning with robots is a course dedicated to teachers in Romania who teach informatics and ICT in giminazile classes, but can be used by anyone who wants to learn or teach notions of robotics.

In the project were organized 6 workshops, in partnership with the houses of the Didactic Corps in Braila, Satu Mare, Zalau, Bacau, Bucharest and Focsani attended by 228 teachers and the manual learning with robots was carried out, designed to help them in Teaching the lessons of robotics from the seventh and eighth grade.

The Robot Learning project is done through Google's PD for Educators program and lasts for 6 months.

The manual "Learning with Robots" is free and can be used by anyone who wants to learn or teach robotics. This material cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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