#altViitor -Everyone Digital

The aim of the Everyone Digital project is to develop digital education in Romania, especially for vulnerable groups.


1. Training of children and teachers in rural and small urban schools in the field of new technologies.

2. Increasing the awareness of the importance of digital education for the future of work among teachers, parents and local and central authorities in Romania.

Main activities of the project:

-Teaching a curriculum of 6 hours of course in 10 schools from the counties Calarasi, Giurgiu and Teleorman. Within these hours, at which school teachers can and are encouraged to attend, concepts such as programming with blocks, programming of robots, but also social aspects such as the future of work, and how we prepare for the following years, will be presented.

-Opening of the first industry hub dedicated to robotics: RoboHub. RoboHub is a space dedicated to the community of robotic enthusiasts in Bucharest, but also in the country. RoboHub offers free courses and subsidized for children whose parents cannot afford the cost of a robotic course.

At RoboHub There are also courses of introduction into new technologies related to robotics, such as Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, HoloLens, robotic operating System, but also debates on the impact of new technologies on our society.

The project is financially supported by Microsoft Romania and has a duration of 1.5 years.

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