Let's go to RoboHub!

Project Hai to ROBOHUB! It aims to contribute to the development of the first hub dedicated to robotics and related domains, in Bucharest and even in the country. The purpose of the Stiintescu project is to contribute to the organization of two types of courses in RoboHub: For beginners, and 2 other types for those who will successfully finish the first course. Project objectives: 1. Training of 240 children during 7 months in the field of robotics, IoT and their impact in society. 2. Encouraging analytical and flexible thinking of 240 children in order to be able to successfully tackle any other future problem. 3. Encouraging at least 150 parents during 7 months to support their children in STEAM education, in a responsible manner. All recent studies on the future of work show that the professions of the future are not yet created – but they will certainly have a large component of analytical and flexible thinking. And also an important aspect will have empathy and socialization. Once computers and robots take over repetitive, dangerous and uncreative tasks, people will be important in places where the human side is needed: that is empathy and the ability to socialize with those around them. We believe that by creating this community and involving everyone in this process, we can give children these skills they need. Skills developed within Priectului:-Technical skills – familiarity with various programming environments: Blockly (Ozobot Robots programming Interface, Make Code from Minecraft, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), as well as interfaces like Raspbian and Arduino Software (IDE) and basic principles in the functioning of a Pi Raspberry and an Arduino system-the ability to think flexibly in context. At the end of each course the children will have to solve a challenge whose resolution involves extrapolating the principles learnt in the course-social skills: teamwork, Division of labour, self-esteem, the desire to support others by engaging in Projects and after completing the courses to which they were enrolled-civic skills: Understanding the legislative aspects and informing about the elaboration of European legislation as well as encouraging them to engage in public consultations and debates project Funded by the Bucharest Scientific Fund, managed by the Bucharest Community Foundation. National partners: Romanian-American Foundation and FFCR. Local partners: CyberGhost, Transport Service Group, INSIGHT Foundation, Froala Labs.

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