Girls Champions in 3d

#GirlsChampionsin3D is a project of social innovation in the field of new technologies. The aim of #GirlsChampionsin3D is to create a more inclusive labour market, especially in the field of technology, for women around the world. Modeling and 3D printing as an IT field of women.

This industry is still at the moment 0 compared to potential or future development and now is the best time to start such a campaign, to give a head-start to women around the world to become champions in this industry.

Our objectives:

  1. Training young women in the field of designing and using 3D printers
  2. Stimulate and encourage them to study and engage in technical fields.

The project is developed in partnership with ECDL Romania which offers free training and evaluation of the participants in the project. For more information, visit the project website:

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