Press Release – Innovation comes from Romania too!

E-Civis and ECDL ROMANIA runs from July to December 2017 the pilot project of social innovation ‘ Girls Champions in 3d ‘.

This joint initiative aims to contribute to the preparation of students from different faculties in Bucharest, in a new specialization on the design and production of three-dimensional objects, taking into account that there is a demand on the labor market  of specialists in the field of additive manufacturing. The partnership consortium aims to contribute to reducing the disparity between women and men in the IT field and is considering encouraging the development of students ‘ creativity and design and 3d printing skills. During this period, the activity of registration and selection of the target group, respectively of the two groups of students from Romania, enrolled in different faculties, for training, testing and certification of ECDL 3D printing.

Entries can be made by October 1 on During the training session they will learn practical aspects such as: using a 3D modeling application, processing print orders, using a 3D printer, etc.

The course is completed with the ECDL 3D printing test and certification session.

ECDL certification is the most widespread standard of certification of digital competences recognized internationally in over 100 countries and counting, to date, over 15 million people registered in the ECDL certification program in the world. ECDL ROMANIA has developed the ECDL 3D printing module for International Standard certification of the basics in the field of 3D modeling and printing. This module has been approved internally by the ECDL Foundation and has already flown successfully in Romania.

Ana-Maria Stancu, President E-Civis and Initiator project: ‘ 3D industry is still at the moment 0 compared to its potential and future development and now is the best time to start such a campaign, to give the opportunity to women in the whole world to become champions in this industry. This year we are piloting in Romania, and after we trial it here we intend to promote the project in other countries as well.”

Irinuca Vaduva, General manager ECDL ROMANIA, partner in this project: ‘ Learning new technologies is a priority in a constantly changing society, and acquiring the skills of printing and modeling 3D by the students is a necessity to be able to cope with the growing demands of the competition in the labor market, given that innovative technology is being used in more and more areas of activity. ‘ More information on this initiative find on the site:

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