The most innovative civic education program

E-Civis Association launches today, February 20, the most innovative civic education program in Romania, but not only. Starting from the practical experience of the organization and the premise that civic education is a fairly abstract and complex subject for children, E-Civis combines in the framework of the Civic Education Project 4.0 both the extensive experience in the civic field and the knowledge of recent years in the field of digital education.

Basically, Civic Education 4.0 is a pilot project to use follow the line robots to explain concepts and to help internalize information about public institutions in Romania and public budgets by youth. This pilot will be conducted within the #RoboHub – the digital education space of the E-Civis Association – and in schools in Ilfov, Pitesti, Focşani, Constanţa.

“The E-Civis Association was founded on an idea in which we firmly believe: technology is a tool – it depends on us how we use it. We use it in digital education projects to give equal opportunities to technology and access to the labor market of the future for all children, and in the framework of the Civic Education 4.0 project to transmit information, relatively difficult to understand and remember to young people. “– Ana-Maria Stancu, president of the E-Civis Association.

The Civic Education 4.0 project has a duration of 6 months, is conducted in partnership with the Foundation for the Right to Education and is carried out with the financial support of the Civic Innovation Fund, a programme developed by the Foundation for civil society Development in Partnership with Romanian-American Foundation and supported by Enel Romania and Ursus Breweries.

For further information please contact Ana-Maria Stancu, president of the E-Civis Association, on the phone: 0721 678 764 or e-mail:

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