European Robotics Week – national meeting of educators in the field of robotics

On Friday, November 16, 2018 at OK Center, in the opening of the European Robotics Week, we are organizing a National meeting of educators in the field of robotics!

We organize this meeting in the first place to meet each other, those who love robots, who teach robotics or who would like to teach robotics. We will invite robotics clubs from the children’s palaces in the country, private robotics clubs, Stiintescu clubs, contests organizers and anyone interested in learning and teaching robotics.

In the meeting there will be organized a series of workshops in which models of courses will be presented, competitions in Romania and, most importantly, will be time to talk about a common passion: digital education.

European Robotics Week is an initiative of EURobotics, started in 2011, aimed at promoting the robotics industry in the countries of the European Union.

The European Robotics Week offers a week of various activities for the general public in Europe, to emphasize the importance of this industry in the most diverse areas. Also, through these activities we want to stimulate students of any age to pursue a technological education, be it programming, robotics, engineering or other areas.

If you organize such events, please register them here.

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