Hold them responsible!

The purpose of the project Hold them responsible! implemented between January 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015 was to stimulate the civic participation of Roma and non-Roma citizens in Romania by promoting the importance of voting and the concept of accountability of their representatives. The project was implemented in partnership with NDI Romania.

The project had two major goals:

  1. To inform in particular the young Roma in Romania about the voting process and to stimulate them to inform themselves before voting;
  2. To stimulate especially young Roma in Romania to pursue the activity of their elects in the position for which they were voted.

The activities carried out within the project:

-Conducting of election simulations in three high schools in Romania with students predominantly Roma-making a social online game about vote and political war – an educational initiative aimed at Informing citizens about important public institutions in Romania and political events and stimulating their participation in electoral processes. This game, the first political card game in Romania, is played with a mechanics similar to a game from childhood, war, in which, to win the round you had to put on the table a bigger card than your opponent. In this idea, in the game there are basic cards: President, Prime Minister, MP and early elections and resource books: prosecutor’s Office, Media Scandal, Constitutional Court, DNA, NGO, Review, Emergency ordinance and elector. Every game card – a political man who owns or has owned one of the political functions at stake – has three attributes: political experience, wealth and online presence. Each attribute has a score based on actual public data related to those persons. When a round begins, a player must specify the attribute based on which he will play the respective round. The educational side of this game consists of several aspects:

  • Knowledge by the general public of political people with decision-making functions in Romania
  • Finding information from the Romanian Constitution about the institutions included in the game-on the back of each book are found passages of the Constitution regarding the institution represented by the political man concerned
  • Resource books are a means of finding information about other institutions, organizations or tools of democracy

The game exists both online: www.razboipolitic.ro, as well as in physical format.


-Organizing a debate with candidates in elections for the election of Romanian representatives in the European Parliament on issues related to the situation of Roma citizens and what can be done in the European Parliament to improve it: Gender and ethnicity in Context of elections for the European Paliament

-creation of a system of score-card- EURomBarometru.ro -t o assess the provision of Romanian MEPs in the European Parliament related to the situation of Roma

-organizing a working meeting with Members of the European Parliament and their representatives for the presentation of the monitoring instrument and for the request for support in its improvement and, in particular, in its updating with information as accurate as possible.

DebaterDebate-1Eurombarometru The project budget: 56.075 USD.

Project supported by the Office for initiatives related to the Roma foundations for an open society.

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