I am a citizen, it is in my power!

Purpose: To familiarize young people with the work of the Romanian Parliament and stimulate them to become active citizens and involved in local and central decision making.


  1. Informing students about the activity of parliamentary offices;
  2. Informing young people about the importance, role and functions of Parliament within the other democratic institutions;
  3. To familiarize young people with methods of influencing decisions at local and central level.

Project activities:

  • Organizing 30 internships in parliamentary offices for 30 students;
  • organizing a training for internship participants in order to help them understand the work of the parliamentary cabinets in which they will work;
  • Creating a video game, addressed to young people between the ages of 14 and 25, who simulate the activity of Group parliamentarians, Commission, College and Plenary: www.e-parlament.ro

Focus Group with young people from Brasov

Working groups in training for future interns

The project was conducted between June 2009 – December 2012 and received Financial support of 49 000 USD from the Central & Eastern European Trust for Civil Society. Partner in this project is the Chamber of Deputies.

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